Family Reading Partnership
'At Home with Books' by Katrina Morse

At Home with Books

A Family Reading Partnership Book
written and illustrated by Katrina Morse

Our first new children’s book is a gentle story of the Bear Family and the fun they have reading together at home. Imbedded in the comforting tale and beautiful illustrations are subtle messages to families about how to make the read-aloud experience more meaningful for children.

"It's wonderful to think about children snuggling up with someone they love and hearing this book read aloud. It's a cozy story, but also has practical ideas in the back of the book about read-aloud."

Katrina Morse
Author & Illustrator,
FRP Assistant Director

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Bear Family at breakfast
Books are part of everyday life for the Bear Family.
Bear Family in living room
Books from the library are a way to learn new things.
open book
The Bear Family reads funny books, too!
Grandma bear and cubs
Sitting on a lap and reading is a loving way to spend time together.