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Connecting Children with the Joy of Books
In every community caring adults provide ways for children to connect with books. Here are ideas, reading traditions, booklists, and downloadable materials to inspire you! We welcome your own great ideas. Email your reading ideas and traditions to

"Books have always been an important part of our daily life, but I always get new ideas from the FRP website!"

- A. McQuade, editor, writer

Bookmarks to Download

5 Great Reasons to Read to Your Baby Before Birth!
Get ready for your baby's arrival! Read a book aloud!

10 Great Reasons to Read Aloud to Babies
It's never too early to read to your child!

10 Great Reasons to Read Aloud
Why read aloud to children? Here are 10 reasons on a large format bookmark. (SPANISH VERSION of the "10 Great Reasons to Read!" Bookmark)

How to Choose a Book
A bookmark packed with information about what type of books are appropriate for different ages and list of books to read.

Book Sharing Tips
Suggestions of the American Library Association in a bookmark format to photocopy.

New Holiday Tradition
Spread the word about a new holiday book tradition by passing out these bookmarks.

Family Book and Reading Activities

Baby Shower Book Basket
A great way to start a babyís book collection.

Books and Activities for 5-Year-Olds
Read a book then do an activity to make the book come alive! Lots of ideas!

Books and Words at Home Checklist
Ideas for creating a culture of literacy in your own home

Family Reading Fun #1
Tips on how to make reading with your child enjoyable, from our 2005 "Read To Me!" Calendar.

Family Reading Fun #2
Ways to make books a special part of your familyís life, from our 2004 "Read To Me!" Calendar.

Poetry Play for Preschoolers
by Elizabeth Stillwell

Sharing Books with Grandchildren
Here are some ways to share books and words with your grandchildren

Summer Time Reading Ideas
Some easy ways to make books part of your familyís summer.

Word Play at Home by Wendy Wilcox
Creating literacy-rich play at home

Family Read-Aloud Tips

Mem's Read-Aloud Commandments
Mem Fox shares her ideas on read-aloud

Read-Aloud Resolutions
Some ways to make sure books are a part of your familyís year ahead.

Calendar Activities

Calendar Projects
Use old calendar images for art projects and more.

Origami Box
Follow these directions to make your own decorative paper box.

Calendar Activities for Teachers
Connect home and school with activities featuring the calendar all year long.

Calendar Activities for Families
Activities that use old or new calendars connect your family to books and stories.

Children's "Make It!" Book Activities

Bear Family House
("At Home with Books" by Katrina Morse)

Butterfly Rings
("Waiting for Wings" by Lois Ehlert)

Dragon Ring
("My Father's Dragon" by Ruth Stiles Gannett)

School and Organization Information

Book Gifting is an Art

Kids' Book Festival Guide

Creating a Culture of Literacy Checklists

Checklist for Home

Checklist for Child Care Settings

Checklist for Classrooms

Checklist for Schools

Checklist for Communities

Read-Aloud Book Lists

50 Books for Babyís First Year
Tips for reading to baby and and extensive list of board books by category.

Books about Friendship
Our list of friend books created for Kids' Book Fest 2013.

Numbers and Counting Books
Read about numbers and how they work together!

Books About Hats
A List of books especially for Kidsí Book Fest 2011 that are about hats!

Books That are Magical
A List of books especially for Kidsí Book Fest 2011 that are magical, wonderful or wishful.

Family Reading Partnership Favorites
Our recommendations for books by age, from birth to age 5.

Animal Books
Read books about your favorite animal or learn about a new creature.

Grandma Mimi's Favorites
A kindergarten teacherís favorite childrenís books with descriptions.

House and Home Books
A list of books about animal and human houses and homes.

Love and Kindness Books
A kindergarten teacherís favorite childrenís books on love and kindness.

Poems for Children
Poetry uses words in unusual, fanciful, and even silly ways! Download your own poetry booklets.

Transportation Books
A list of our favorite transportation related children's books.

Wintertime Books
Books to warm your soul on cold days.

Favorite Websites

Authors and Illustrators
Websites of our favorite children's book authors and illustrators.

Literacy Organizations
Great online resources for information on children's literacy.

Our Partners
Websites of some of our business and organization project partners.

Send Us Your Great Ideas!

There are so many ways to make reading an exciting and memorable part of everyday life at home, at school, and in the community! To share your book tradition or event on our website, email it to Katrina.

Please send us the following information in your email: your first name, your city and your state along with your reading or book idea for family, school, or community. Photos are welcome too!

Happy Reading!

Older children make a circle of books and then read them all to the little kids!
Emma, Sage and Henry make a circle of books, then Sage reads them all to the little kids!