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Family Reading Partnership programs celebrate the benefits and joy of reading aloud to children. Our programs provide books and encouragement for families to make reading aloud to their children a part of everyday life.

"Thousands of books go off our shelf each year - many into homes where there had been none before."

- Dept. of Social Services

Every Baby! Every Day! logo

Every Baby! Every Day!
Our newest initiative supports and encourages everyone in our community to talk, sing, read, and play with babies to surround them with words.

'Read To Your Bunny' book cover

Books Before Birth
Expectant parents receive a beautiful children’s book at a prenatal visit along with the adult book “Reading Magic” by literacy expert Mem Fox, which explains the importance of providing a literacy-rich environment for children.

'Mama Mama' book cover

Welcome Baby
It is never too early to read to baby! All families receive a book as a gift from the hospital when their baby is born.

'Tickle, Tickle' book cover

Books to Grow On
At well-visits from age 6 months to 4 years families receive a book as a gift from their child’s healthcare provider, complete with a prescription to read to baby. Research shows that families given books and guidance on reading by their doctors are 8 - 10 times more likely to read to their children.

'Hattie and the Fox' book cover

Welcome to School Book
Kindergarten families receive a brand new book at registration to welcome them to their new school.

Read-Along Songs CD cover

Read-Along Songs
The Read-Along Songs program uses rhyming and rhythm to connect children and families with the joy of words and books, inviting families to literacy through music.

Love Those Letters

Love Those Letters!
"Love Those Letters!" book, DVD, and CD set for children and classrooms is a revolutionary new way to teach the alphabet!

'The Mitten' book cover

Give the Gift of Family Reading
Our holiday book drive provides low-income families with new books to give to their children as gifts for the holidays. New books are donated at community and sports events.

The Bright Red Bookshelf

The Bright Red Bookshelf
Gently used children’s books are donated in red crates across the community. The books are made available, free for families, on shelves in ten locations such as Social Services and Literacy Volunteers.

'The Salamandar Room' book cover

Traveling Books
Volunteers read regularly to children in daycare and leave boxes of beautiful picture books for them to enjoy between visits.

'Nova's Ark' book cover

Kids' Book Fest
Our free, annual, community-wide celebration features arts, activities and entertainment – all celebrating children’s books.

'Read To Me!' 2006 Calendar cover

"Read to Me!" Banners and Calendar
All across the community, billboard-sized banners with colorful images of reading together encourage and inspire families to read to their children. "Read to Me" artwork is made into a calendar each year reminding families to read together every month.

While participants ran the course, children heard books read by Cornell Lacrosse players.

21 Run and Story Walk
The annual 21 Run and Story Walk is a 5K run and 1K walk held every spring. This event is held in memory of Mario St. George Boiardi, a Cornell University lacrosse player and team caption, who died unexpectedly in a lacrosse game in 2004.

Family receives book from Books At Birth program
Every family whose baby is born in our local hospital receives a children's book as a gift in a bright red canvas bag.
Children with Bright Red Bookshelf
The Bright Red Bookshelf is supplied with gently-used books donated by individuals or collected by groups such as these Daisy Scouts.
Parents and children connect to books and each other through singing and reading.
Big Anthony at the Kids' Book Fest
Big Anthony from Strega Nona, stirs the pasta pot as he acts out the story for families at a Kids Book Fest.
Bookmaking at the Kids' Book Fest
Bookmaking is an important part of the Kids' Book Fest
Reading at the Kids' Book Fest
Everyone is invited to participate in the Kids Book Fest. Each year community groups create reading settings and book activities.
Child with book at check-up
Every family in the county receives 6 books from their pediatrician at child well-visits from 6 months to 4 years old.